Newsletter #2 - August 4th, 2023

Going forward together


The World Assembly opened on the morning of August 3rd. It's already raining, so some delegates have had time to settle in, while others are disoriented: jet lag is still knocking them about. The huge school that is hosting this Assembly has come alive, with the cafeteria and bar buzzing with voices, laughter and different languages. The corridors are the first places to see smiles that are both intimidating and welcoming. The chapel, too, is constantly inhabited: it is the first place of silence and contemplation for those who are preparing to share, after having crossed many borders. These are traces of our first steps forward, together.

The first days will help us to discover many realities. We’ll discover the frontiers of each other's paths of hope. Discovering at the center of an incarnated spirituality that reaches out to everyone. Listening with the heart to the experience of others means drawing both our own borders, but also the bridges that cross them, and sometimes gradually erase them.

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Experiencing the Assembly

The World Assembly,
it’s concrete!

Nearly one hundred and fifty CLC members are committed to serve the dynamic of the Assembly, not only beforehand but also during the Assembly and in the days that follow. These are concrete services for which the companions have a taste for. Among the volunteers some move tables and chairs, others do everything to ensure that the sound works despite the morning rain, and others make sure that the translation of one word or another is precise so that the essential meaning is not diluted.

Entering into the Assembly:
"The Risen Lord is the Friend who goes before us".

The Assembly opened with a Eucharist in the rain-soaked courtyard. It was an opportunity to rediscover the Friend who goes before us, to respond to His invitation. A gentle song drew the participants, who gradually settled in. The first journey is over. At last, everyone is together again, and the reason for which they came is now upon us. Resonates timidly, then more and more firmly, the voice of the group resounds in a song that is very difficult to say and sing in today's world. Yet a certain gentleness sets in, a certain curiosity, which gradually becomes a thirst for God.

How does it work?

The 2023 Assembly:
a timeline

The Assembly will take place over ten days, the dynamics of which have been prepared well in advance so that the choices and votes that will take place can be the fruit of community discernment. In this way, the spiritual process of "looking and discerning" will be matched by concrete action on a daily basis. Here's a short table to help you get your bearings.

Running for the World Executive Committee: how and why?

Being elected to the World Executive Committee is the result of a process that is very precisely defined by the norms, and commits each of the members. To stand for election is to learn to meditate on how to reorganise all aspects of your life if you are elected (Spiritual Exercises 21). It's not a question of adding an extra task to your many personal activities, but of adapting your life to this call from the Lord (Spiritual Exercises 189).

Embracing the global dimension of the Community

New member communities:
a sign of fruitfulness

You chose to become a member of CLC many years ago or more recently, after a time of discovery and welcome in your community. The first communities date back to 1967, and the youngest will join the world community this year, during the Assembly. The shared experience of an Assembly is a sign of the fruitfulness of the CLC charism today. How does this process work? And who are they?

Discover communities around the world (Facebook)

In NL#1 you discovered some of the websites of communities around the world. This time we'd like to introduce you to some pages hosted on Facebook. A great way to keep travelling from home! It's also a great way to discover that the same charism can be lived out through different actions, different languages and even different alphabets. Maybe this will make you want to play translator, using a free online tool like Reverso or Deepl for example. Enjoy your trip!

Let me be moved

In each newsletter, we offer you a meditative prayer to join in the inner movement to which this Assembly invites all members of the World Community. A week before the opening of the Assembly, we invite you to pray in union with the delegates who are preparing to leave for Amiens.


In each edition you can also play by answering quiz questions.
Don’t panic! The answers are at the end of the newsletter.

Question 1

If CLC-CLC has a world office, where is it located?

A. CLC-CLC has a world office in Rome, Italy.
B. CLC does not have a single world office, but an office in each region of the world.
C. CLC-CLC has a virtual world office, which is the community's world site.
D. CLC-CLC has a world office in Loyola, Spain.

Question 2

The first 17 CLC communities formed in 1967 include :

A. The Philippines
B. France
C. The United States

Question 3

The two communities that joined CLC in 2013 and will be present in 2023 are :

A. France and Lebanon
B. Argentina and Italy
C. Cameroon and Guatemala

Question 4

Here are 4 CLC logos from 4 different countries. What is the logo for each country?

A. Brazil
B. Lebanon
C. Portugal
D. Cameroon

What happens next?

Next edition :

August 7th

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Responses :
Question 1: Answer A (a physical office exists, the secretariat of CLC World is in Rome).
Question 2: Answer: A and B and C (see information in NL 1 and 2)
Question 3: Answer C (in 2013)
Question 4: Answers: A-2 / B-3 / D-4 / C-1