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Pray with the Assembly

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Guiding thread of prayer and fraternity

Throughout the days of this World Assembly, prayer proposals led the delegates. Every morning, the song “Mon Seigneur et Mon Dieu” (My Lord and my God), chanted calmly and at length, became a breath of fresh air. Day after day, as the assembly sang and listened to the Word of God, it grew into a body. Songs known to a national community become the “property” of an ardent community of prayer. The Word of God is heard several times a day in the languages of the delegates. In this way, everyone can open their ears to the music of others: Tamil, Latvian, Slovak, Mandarin, Japanese… The same national community sometimes lives and shares with two or even three languages in use. What an encouragement it is to keep large regional areas alive, where of course sometimes language is an obstacle, a source of difficulties in understanding each other. Joy is expressed by the clapping of hands as the Word of God is proclaimed. 

Some may be surprised to hear the music of a song from their national community sung in a completely different language, thus rediscovering the traces of the missionaries. Offering processions are always a solemn moment when hands raise local or continental products to heaven. It’s also an opportunity to give thanks for all the work done by the volunteers by placing at the foot of the altar: computer, camera, coffee machine, wrench, headphones, etc. As the days go by, the Prayerful Assembly enters into a shared breath. The Lord’s Prayer is whispered to let the diverse rhythms of the words and the musicality of the languages rise to our ears. It’s then that a veritable birdsong emerges. 

The prayer of the body experienced by the delegates on the morning of the day of silence has freed up movement: hands are raised in blessing. They can also befold on the breast as a sign of listening. Bodies bow in greeting. 

During the election process, there were moments of blessing and support to send the elected members of the new World Executive Council on their way. Thus, the moment of voting is enriched by this prayer of the bodies, which regularly calls upon the Spirit who leads us and becomes our “overseer”.

Every day, join in the prayer of the delegates