Relive the Assembly's best moments

Relive the Assembly's best moments

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Although the Assembly is over and the final document has been sent out the impetus it gave us is still very much with us and continues to carry us forward. The Assembly website will remain accessible until June 2024, as a lasting witness to the moments we experienced together, and to the breath they will give to world CLC. Relive these moments with us.

Igny’s daily diary

Meet Igny the dove, who witnessed over the days the way in which meetings and fraternity were woven between the participants. In her diary, she has been keen to share with you some of the richness of what was experienced at the heart of the Assembly day after day.


Five newsletters, including this one, will be published throughout the Meeting to help you keep track of what’s important:

  • #1: 27 July, seven days before the opening of the Assembly to set off for Amiens
  • #2: 4 August, the day after the opening, to look back at the reception for delegates and the launch of the General Meeting.
  • #3: 8 August, the day after (or two days after) the open day, to share the best moments with you
  • #4: 13 August, the day after the close of the Assembly, to announce the composition of the new World Executive Board and to watch the departure of the delegates as they head home.
  • #5: 27 October, for an initial review of the wonders received during the Assembly and to receive the final Assembly document.

The Assembly in pictures

See the official photo of the delegates, as well as photos of the days spent in Amiens.


The communications team had the opportunity to meet many people during the Assembly. Listen their testimonials on video and audio.

Open Day

The Open Day was a time for delegates and guests to meet, a time to discover the city of Amiens, its cathedral and apostolic initiatives in France, and finally a time to celebrate together.

The volunteers

A World Assembly also means a lot of little hands working day in, day out to ensure that discussions run smoothly, that delegates are welcomed and that everyone understands…

Pray with the Assembly

Every day from 3 to 12 August, you have had the opportunity to find the morning prayer that will open the delegates’ day and to join in the prayer of and for the Assembly. The prayer is available as a PDF file and as an audio file, depending on whether you prefer to read or listen.v

Communication at the service of the Assembly

Nearly twenty people worked before, during and after the Assembly, both to facilitate the arrival and work of the delegates and to share with companions from all over the world a little of what was happening in Amiens:

Sophie, Clémence, Angelika, Véronique, Véronique and Véronique (yes, there were three of them), Catherine, Sylvie and Sylvie (there were two of them too), Marie-Agnès, Bernard, Osvaldo, Bernadette, Michel, Gaetano, Armel, Irène and Bruno, Stéphanie, Pauline and Sendrasoa from a distance.

Special thanks to Bernard, who enchanted us with the poetry of his drawings, and to Bruno and Clémentine, whose professional assistance was invaluable.

As we draw to a close, the team in charge of communications wanted to share with you their joy at having contributed to this wonderful adventure.