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Friday 04 August

A community on the move

Day two of the Assembly! Here are the moments, meetings and discussions that brightened up the day :

A large orchestra

Each of us is an instrument in our great world orchestra. We try to tune in to create the music of the Assembly together! A volunteer gets out his accordion, everyone sings along, delegates start dancing… Music is universal!

International initiatives

Here are some initiatives by national communities to take action at our frontiers:

Who is my neighbour?

Listening to the experience of exile, letting yourself be touched by the lives of migrants detained in closed centres. A collaboration between the Jesuit Refugee Service and CLC Belgium.

Creating dialogue

Division of public opinion into two poles, political disaffection, xenophobic positions… CLC Spain encourages and supports the creation of spaces for civic dialogue.

Bringing hope

For vulnerable women and teenagers, human support, a project that links the issues of family, youth, globalisation and poverty. By CLC Nicaragua

Young people: being resource persons

CLC Sri Lanka trains young people to help their peers, learn to develop their inner resilience and become witnesses for justice, peace and reconciliation.

A little spiritual touch

“In the beauty of the earth and its capacity to support us, we find God’s concern for us. God invites us to be enchanted by everything that exists”. (Projects n°178, CLC-CLC)

In video

Igny speaks every language!

Some of you were surprised to see that I was speaking Latin on certain pages yesterday: that’s my mischievous side! After all, Latin is the universal language of the Church!

From now on, I’ll be saying goodbye in a different language every day.

Today, in mooré, thanks to Elisabeth (Burkina Faso) : “May God keep you in peace and good health all day long”

Have a nice day, see you tomorrow!