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Friday 11 August

A discerning community

Day nine of the Assembly! Here are the moments, meetings and discussions that brightened up the day :


These days, delegates spend a lot of time in the auditorium, voting at the Annual General Meeting. Today, they voted on the budget and a first series of amendments. I, Igny, make myself scarce to let them work!

Bernard’s drawing

All these important deliberations and decisions would not be possible without the help of the interpreters, who constantly make the discussions accessible in all three languages. Many thanks for their work!

Art in the service of prayer

Talented artists (one French, the other Belgian, and both named Françoise!) have created this banner and cross for the Assembly, to support us in our prayer.

The banner takes up the elements of the logo: the dove of hope, the Earth and the companions advancing along the path.

The cross is made of newsprint, presenting the news of the world: Christ is present in our midst! It ends in a tree with golden leaves, like the hope carried by our global community. The cross will be donated to the Amiens diocese, as is the tradition at every World Assembly.

A little spiritual touch

« De noche iremos, de noche
que para encontrar la fuente,
sólo la sed nos alumbra,
sólo la sed nos alumbra. »

At night we will go, at night to find the source. Only the thirst enlightens us, only the thirst enlightens us. (Taizé song)

A word from a volunteer

“I was asked to make the volunteer scarves for the Assembly. We needed 160 of them, and it took me 42 meters of fabric, 650 meters of thread and the whole month of July to sew them!”

In video:

Ingeborg (CLC member in Germany) has a long experience of World Assemblies. She tells us how she has seen the world community grow over the years:

Today, I’ll say goodbye in Polish, thanks to Leszek:

Have a nice day, see you tomorrow!