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Saturday 12 August

Go and spread hope!

Tenth and final day of the Assembly! Here are the moments, meetings and discussions that brightened up the day :

Election of the ExCo

The new World Executive Committee was elected this morning! Delegates elected the President, Vice-President and 5 Councillors. The elected members came on stage one by one, and in a great silence, the assembly raised their hands to them as a sign of blessing, to pray for them, and then to pray for each other.

Voici la nouvelle ExCo !

President: Chris Micallef (Malta)

Vice president: Daphne Ho (Hong Kong)

Franklin Ibañez (Peru)
Catherine Waiyaki (Kenya)
Inji Fayez (Egypt)
Catherine Kelly (Canada)
Cecilia Martínez (Spain)

Vice-Ecclesiastical Assistant:José de Pablo sj (Spain)

Executive Secretary: Manuel Martínez (Uruguay)

We give thanks for their commitment! We thank them for their generosity and willingness to serve. We will support them and pray for them over the next five years!


Chris and Inji

Daphne (and James)

Working to the end

In the afternoon, the Assembly completed its work on the guidelines. After annotating the working document, it gave its confidence to the editors (on the picture) to draft the final guidelines in the coming weeks.

Closing Eucharist

Afterwards, we all gathered for a mass to send us of.

The liturgy team succeeded in its challenge: all the delegates’ mother tongues were used at least once during the prayers and Masses! José was therefore able to invent a new language especially for the homily: spanglishfrench!

For a more universal medium, he enlisted the help of Estela, a Portuguese delegate, who painted pictures to illustrate the homily (see below).

At the end of Mass, the ExCo was sent out, carried by our prayers.

A little spiritual touch

« “As we return to our homelands, the Lord tells us: “I am the anchor of your hope. CLC, do not be afraid, I am with you until the end of time.” »
Homily by José and painting by Estela

The day ended in song and dance, with delegates happy to celebrate together!

Last thanks

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who worked so hard to ensure that the Assembly ran smoothly! Special thanks to the Philéas team, who have been particularly active over the last few weeks (and the previous 16 months!). Thank you to the Amiens CLC, which provided a warm welcome for the Assembly, and thank you to CLC France for accepting this adventure! Finally, thanks to the people who helped the Assembly to discern: the facilitators and the editors.

And of course, thanks to all the delegates who travelled, sometimes from very far away, to come and breathe new life into our worldwide community. Thank you to the 2018-2023 ExCo for having accompanied the world CLC so well for 5 years. Thank you to the new ExCo who is preparing to do just that. Long live CLC!

In video:

Gisèle tells us about her service as interpreter during the Assembly:

Today, Monique (Cameroon) sends us off with a blessing in Ewondo. It means: “Let us thank God who has allowed us to be here for the Assembly, and for all the graces he has granted us during these 10 days. May he bless the departing delegations, so that they arrive in their home countries without incident.”

Thank you for following us throughout the Assembly! Goodbye, and go carry hope around the world!