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Thursday 03 August

Let's go !

The Assembly has officially begun! Here are the moments, meetings and discussions that brightened up the day :

A Mass that went round the world

During the opening Mass, there was a reading in Cantonese and another in Swahili. In procession, we carried the flags of the countries that were unable to attend. There was a litany of saints, with saints from every continent! We sang in all the languages, and everyone said the Our Father in their own language. It was a wonderful image of the interculturality in which our Assembly is immersed!

A word from a volunteer

“I was contacted by someone who had lost her rosary. Thanks to the Google translation and a little empathy, I could hear her distress. This rosary, which I finally found, gave me a better understanding of how paying attention to what’s important to others is a form of fraternity!”

Mapping : getting to know each other

The delegates were invited to get to know each other by grouping together: by continent, by mother tongue, by hobbies…

It was very interesting to see that the groups for the three official languages were outnumbered by the “other languages” group! It just goes to show how far delegates have come from their everyday lives to be able to meet up with each other! We also discovered a new continent, a language and a culture that brought smiles and laughter: the clowns!

A little spiritual touch

“The Risen One is the friend who goes before us”

In video

Have a nice day, see you tomorrow!