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Sunday 06 August

Let's open the doors!

Day four of the Assembly! Here are the moments, meetings and discussions that brightened up the day :

Open day

Today, we opened our doors :

  • to welcome 600 guests for the open house, and 100 people to host the day: counting delegates and volunteers, there were 1,000 of us!
  • to take to the streets of Amiens, after three days of contemplating our global community
  • to meet local and national players working with young people, the exiled and the disadvantaged, for ecological conversion or spiritual formation

Cycling to the Assembly

8 French companions arrived for the day by bike! They traveled for three days and covered 200 kilometers. Cycling to CLC meetings is a long-standing tradition for the French community: some of the cyclists had already done so for the Marseille gathering in 2021 or even for the Lourdes gathering in 2006!

A word from a volunteer

“For the wandering tours, I was asked to accompany a group, with participants from all three languages. The witnesses spoke to me in French, and I translated into English. Everyone made an effort, and we understood each other. We also had some Amiens residents in our group, which helped us get around the city! One of them went ahead of us on his bike to warn witnesses of our arrival or to find a good spot for a picnic!”

Mass at the cathedral

After wandering through the city, the mass was an opportunity to gather young and old in the beautiful Amiens cathedral. This joyful celebration, led by Father Sosa, was also an opportunity to give thanks for the way God has worked within the outgoing ExCo throughout their mission!


The day ended with a shared snack. Traditional dances continued well into the afternoon, proposed by companions from all horizons. Hand in hand, fraternity was written in music and dance!

A little spiritual touch

« The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad; let the distant shores rejoice ! » (Ps 96)

Feeding the companions

Well done to the “La Table de Cana” association (Cana’s table) for producing the 1,000 picnics distributed to delegates and guests at the open house!

Around fifty were left over, and were donated to an association for distribution in the evening.

Behind the lens

Many thanks to Bruno, a professional photographer, who joined our team of reporters for this special day, combining efficiency, flexibility, simplicity and good mood. A delightful contribution to keeping a record of what’s going on in Amiens, a first selection of which you can find here

Today, I’ll say goodbye in japanese, thanks to Yasue:

Have a nice day, see you tomorrow!