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Saturday 05 August

Open up to the world

Third day of the Assembly! Here are the moments, encounters and discussions that brightened the day:

A word from a volunteer

“The official languages of CLC are English, French and Spanish. Everything that happens here is said or written in these three languages. But the delegates speak countless other languages! In the liturgy team, we make sure that the texts of prayers and masses are read in other languages, so that every delegate can hear at least one text in his or her mother tongue. Today, the prayer gospel was read in Croatian, and the mass readings in Portuguese and Guarani.”

Under the tent

Morning prayer. On the auditorium stage, a tent. The prayer ends. Suddenly, a humming sound is heard through the microphones. Then the tent opens: two clowns had set up inside before people entered the auditorium for prayer! Other clowns came in and started arguing. Fortunately, I, Igny, was there: I passed among them to blow a wind of appeasement, and all ended well!

Some drawings from Bernard…

It’s hot all over the world… but Amiens enjoys a micro-climate!

It’s a big building, and sometimes you get lost, but you always find what’s essential.

We work hard, but the volunteers take good care of us

Initiatives in France

Following on from yesterday, today we heard from members of CLC France about their initiatives to take action on our frontiers.

“Foreigners” workshop: groups of 25 delegates.

All participants were able to share their experiences of encounters with foreigners.

– Welcoming migrants

– Working with people from other countries in their professional and social lives

– Having themselves experienced uprooting and more or less difficult integration in a host country. The conclusion shared by the group: foreigners are a bridge between cultures; whether in an emergency or for the long term, welcoming them is rich and essential!

A little spiritual touch

« But Jesus said to them, “They don’t need to go away. Give them something to eat yourselves.” » (Mt 14)

Today, I’ll say goodbye in Arabic, thanks to Hilda (Lebanon):

Have a nice day, see you tomorrow!