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Thursday 10 August

The Assembly, a team effort

Day two of the Assembly! Here are the moments, meetings and discussions that brightened up the day :

Regional work

Today, delegates met by region to continue reflecting on the question “To what are we called?”. There are 6 regions: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America and Latin America.

Companions of the North America region

Evening break

The days are intense. In the evening, after dinner, there’s no program: each companion is free to spend the evening as he or she wishes. A welcome break! Some meet by region; others relax in the conviviality room over a drink; still others walk to the center of Amiens to watch the projection on the cathedral facade!

Offering service

At today’s mass, a volunteer from each commission came to bring an object symbolizing their service: a stethoscope, a microphone, a booklet of sheet music, a coffee machine… Throughout the procession, the volunteers were warmly applauded!

Behind the scene

In fact, it’s the volunteers I’d like to highlight today: they work behind the scenes with a smile, and are essential to the smooth running of the Assembly! See photos of this invisible work on the website.

A little spiritual touch

“What do I have to give up in terms of my personal expectations or those of my national community, to let the Assembly speak for itself? Our criteria for choice must be: go for the most urgent, and the most universal.”

In video:

Flavio is one of the Assembly’s three facilitators. He tells us about this role:

Today, I’ll say goodbye in Portuguese, thanks to Miguel (Brazil)

Have a nice day, see you tomorrow!