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Wednesday 09 August

What are we called to ?

Day seven of the Assembly! Here are the moments, meetings and discussions that brightened up the day :

And he sent them out two by two

This morning, after a time of silence, the delegates went for a walk in pairs with a question to share: what are we called to? At the end of this exchange, they got together in groups of 4, then 8, to enrich their discussions and discern the Spirit’s calls for CLC.


Then they wrote their thoughts on post-it notes, and were invited to group them into three axes:

Identity: Who we really are

Vocation: What we bring to the world

Mission: What we need to do

These reflections will feed into our work over the next few days.

A little spiritual touch

“In prayer, we do not use our body, we are our body. We are invited to be Christ’s smile, Christ’s arms, Christ’s shoulder that he offered at the last supper to his beloved disciple.”

Igny travels

Did you know? In between my activities at the Assembly, I get to wander around the globe. For example, I visit my Korean companions, who receive a translated version of my diary every day so they can follow the Assembly at the same pace as us! If you’ve spotted me in your country, don’t hesitate to send me proof of your visit at communication@cvx-clc-amiens2023.org !

A word from a volunteer

“The Providence building is huge: to go from one end of the main corridor to the other, you have to walk 130 meters. The auditorium and courtyard are even further away. As I’m in charge of logistics, I spend a lot of time walking. My pedometer tells me that I do over 20 km a day: that’s half a marathon!”

In video:

An Egyptian delegate tells us how she feels:

Today, I’ll say goodbye in Korean (obviously!), thanks to Yookyung:

Have a nice day, see you tomorrow!