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JRS Welcome

Led by Monique Crampon, Edith and Etienne de Bruyn  

JRS (Jesuit Refugee Service) Welcome – Amiens offers support and free temporary accommodation within a network of families for people whose asylum application is in the process of being processed and who are left on the street. This hospitality lasts a maximum of 9 months, with a change of family every 4 to 6 weeks.

Church promise

Led by Marie-Christine Rozier and Pascale Beaude

Promesses d’Église is a collective of 47 Catholic organizations that wishes to take up the challenge launched by Pope Francis in 2018: “Engage in the ecclesial and social transformation we so desperately need”.  After active participation in the Synod on Synodality, we hope to establish a dialogue and joint work with the Conférence des Évêques de France.

Accompanying local communities

Led by Christine Beaude

Being a lay companion to a local community is a common path in CLC in France. How do I live it? What does it bring me?

Dare the Spiritual Exercises and/or accompaniment?

Led by Bénédicte Lamoureux and Marie-Gaëlle Guillet

You’ve never made a retreat following to the Exercises? You have questions before you start? Why should you be accompanied? What do I have to say? How long does it take? If you have all these questions and more, come and discover the different ways of living the Spiritual Exercises and a lively approach to accompaniment in life or in centers. 

Précarité Saint Hugues

Led by Anne le Nevé, Jean-Louis Girard, Sylvie Blanc.

Originally an emergency shelter for migrants, Saint Hugues is now deploying new forms of support for people in precarious situations: hosting asylum seekers as part of JRS Welcome, welcoming groups of people in precarious situations for a day of renewal or a retreat (with active participation in leadership), welcoming people in precarious situations for a period of voluntary service in conjunction with Caritas France, and making greater use of the solidarity fund.
We look forward to hearing from you…

Ecology Saint Hugues

Led by Vincent Bidard and Bruno Durochat 

Since 2015, the Saint-Hugues center has been committed to a progressive and structuring ecological conversion. This transformation is inspired by the encyclical “Laudato si” and consistent with the orientations of the Christian Life Community. Its apostolic project defines this path as “a way of living sensitive to fraternity, to respect for creation, to the simple joy of everyday life in the spirit of the integral ecology proposed by Pope Francis. 

Family realities St Hugues

Led by Bernadette Valence and Christian Vidal

Saint-Hugues is a place where people are cared for at every stage of life: from teenagers in search of themselves and their abilities, to the upheaval of retirement, professional or emotional life, the great joys of married life, marriage, the arrival of children, as well as the great trials of life (illness, bereavement), with proposals combining personal reflection, sharing and paths for a spiritual journey. Come and discover them in the 2023-2024 program!

Link with local church St Hugues

Led by Gérard Blaysat and Agnès Blaysat

Saint Hugues’ links with the local Church are very real: animation of life retreats, spiritual halts, day walks, proposed animation of celebrations ……Significant contribution to the Synod, happy participation of the Vicar General on the Board of Saint Hugues …. Saint Hugues is often seen as a laboratory for the Church.    

Clowns (1)

Led by Agnès Penet (Cracotte), Marie-Laure Richarme (Espérance), Marie-Christine Bailliet (Bulle), Amélie de Saint Quentin (Olive)

“If you don’t become like little children again… Body, emotions, imagination, clowning opens up new paths to God. Improvisations, shows or Spiritual Exercises over 5 days combined with clowning practice.

Clowns (2)

Led by Elisabeth Kerbrat Leydier, (Séraphine), Yves Kerbrat (Angelo), Patrick Perrat (Toni), Pascale Giovaninetti-Fuentes (Miette) 

Our clowns’ unconventional approach to listening and seeing allows for a special kind of re-reading: with humor, sensitivity and lightheardness. The result: improvisation that opens up new horizons. 

Communion of the shaken

Led by Marie Hélène Boucand, Bernadette and Jean Paul Quinaou, Isabelle and Yves Marie Delliaux, Isabelle Mombert

I’m sick or close to someone who’s sick. How can I live with illness on a daily basis in the footsteps of Christ? With others, pray, review my life, share and support, review the traces of God’s presence in my life with the help of Ignatian spirituality. 

  • Letting yourself be met by Christ
  • Sharing with others the joys and difficulties encountered
  • Seek and find the resources to move forward

ESF Training

Led by Christine Olivès and Marie-Laure Rochette

Come to the CLC Formation France booth for : Meet members of the training service team, discover its proposals and tools, share your questions, suggestions, expectations and achievements, propose your talents or ideas, or request a service or training course, share your experiences.

Small herds

Led by Anne-Marie Fournil, Annie & Gilles Saulnier

“Vacances petit troupeau”: an alternative to Ignatian family sessions. Three or four families co-construct the vacation location, accommodation, stewardship, “spiritual and leisure mix program”, with the support of a spiritual guide “brought on board or requested on site”… to live an open, grounded and spiritual community experience. Providing a toolbox and feedback.

Training with the Global Formation Team

Led by Béatrice and Olivier Piganeau

A place to find out about the process and results of the 2022 Manresa world training meeting

  • A place to share global advances in training.
  • A forum for exchanges between training professionals from different countries

DCC (Catholic Delegation for Cooperation)

Led by Élise and Sébastien Nérault 

Intercultural encounters: from volunteering in Africa to welcoming migrants into the family. Testimonies, games and exchanges.

Atelier Arts

Led by Jean Lacour, Catherine Raphalen

Through painting, sculpture, writing, photography… the artist seeks to give form to his inner visions that inhabit him, visions of a balanced and meaningful whole, for example of shapes and colors. For him, this takes on a dimension akin to that of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius.

Derval Diocesan Festival,

Led by Arnaud Du Crest

“Feedback on the organization of a festival of integral ecology proposed by the diocese of Nantes in October 2022: visits to local actors, 40 debates on integral ecology, a local market… It ended with an ecumenical celebration. 600 people took part”.

Green church & climate mural

Led by Dominique Billet

“The stand will present the Green Church label: its origins, the communities it targets, its ecumenical character, the approach proposed.  But it will also evoke the experience of the “Laudato Si de la Baie” group, the Green Church group of a parish near Saint-Brieuc: its links with the parish, the actions carried out, its projects.”

Olympic Games 2024 – how to reduce the ecological footprint?

Led by Hugues Ravenel

“How can we halve the carbon footprint of the Paris Olympics compared with London 2012?” This stand will shed light on the challenge facing the organizers: limiting the carbon footprint, alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement, sustainable catering, choice of infrastructure…

A Laudato Si House next to the Transition Campus

Led by Richard & Dorothée De Courson

Housed in a former Carmelite convent in Forges, 80 kms south of Paris, this house, with a resident community of around 15 people, will shine by welcoming individuals and groups wishing to recharge their batteries in this place of friendship with Creation. The Christian roots of the Maison Laudato si will enable fruitful synergies with the Transition Campus.

Laudato Si in CLC France history and current events

Led by Pascale Ebner & Pierre Dupouët

From the “Christians Co-responsible for Creation” workshop (created in 2001) to the current CLC France Laudato Si network, driven by the world CLC. A promising dynamic to encourage, support and accompany ecological conversion!

Laudato si Movement – “Our money at the service of ecological conversion”? 

Led by Amélie Chevallier

What is freedom from fossil fuels all about? Why does Laudato Si call for this? And, concretely, how can we do it? The Laudato Si movement has been carrying global momentum since 2015, with hundreds of Church realities committed to this ideal. 

Environment and popular milieu – citizenship of foreign residents 

Led by Christian Fabry

Environment in a region of wide-open spaces and working-class tradition: “popular” initiatives and social ties. Citizenship and voting rights for foreign residents in local elections: a democratic necessity and a path to integration.


Led by Sister Geneviève Perret, Christian Boutin and Nadette Caro, Sister Agnès Braillon and Carole Poiret 

Stand centered on the testimonies of the diocese’s migrant ministry and that of Agnès Braillon on Calais, and the presentation of our objectives: to be a place of support, rereading and discernment for workshop members, a source of information and CLC alerts throughout the year. We also have a direct link with CLC Europe’s “forced migrants” commission.

International Solidarity: CLC in the collegiality of CCFD-Terre Solidaire

Led by Isabelle JACQUES, Michel SYLVESTRE, Hervé INIAL, Jean-Yves DURILLON and Isabelle HECTOR-BUTZ, CCFD-Terre Solidaire, Bernadette Kuntz

Through small-group discussions on the priorities of CCFD-Terre Solidaire, we’ll see how CLC’s General Principles lead it to invest in the collegial management of CCFD-Terre Solidaire, in cooperation with 29 other Movements and Services of the Church of France.


Led by Marie-Thérèse Garcia Jouchet and Angela Ferrare

Testimony of her exchanges with the young people she accompanies in a magis team: in this adventure, accompanying also means letting oneself be converted, allowing yourself to be disturbed, moved… They are the church of tomorrow, so let’s give them all the room they need to develop their branches…

Oasis Saint HO

Led by Dominique Devisse and Wandrille

Church and parish house dedicated to diaconia, l’oasis saint Ho has been welcoming street people for the past 4 years to an open table, a lounge where they can relax and drink a coffee, a maraude, a checkroom… Run by a team of volunteers. 


Led by Pierre Jaouen and Alain Goy  

ROSAE federates 4 student aid centers: Saint-Denis (60 volunteers, 300 registered students), Lyon, Grenoble and Marseille. Our key words: solidarity, fraternity, interculturality… CISED is financially supported by CLC, and its president is a member.