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You can find all the videos on the Assembly’s YouTube channel by clicking here or by clicking on the video of your choice directly below.

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Welcoming delegates in Amiens
Message from the French ExCo
Message from the World ExCo
Clowns farewell
Pray in silence with your body
Open Day (Part 1)
The writers team
Open Day (Part 2)


Community discernment
Interview with Father Arturo Sosa
The facilitators (F. Flavio Bottaro)
History of CLC worldwide
Chris Micallef, new CLC World President

Meet delegates and volunteers

Françoise, volunteer at Info point
Christine, delegate from the Netherlands
Daniel and Massiel, delegates from Cuba
Yannick, delegate from Benin
Marie-Claire, delegate from Egypt
Otshwanetse, delegate from Botswana
Gisèle, interpreter volunteer
Delegates from United States of America
Alban Max, delegate from Central African Republic